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5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

What is easier than throwing together a delicious soup? Warm up to this collection of the 5 best plant-based (vegan) winter soups.Soups on! That’s..

5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

What is easier than throwing together a delicious soup? Warm up to this collection of the 5 best plant-based (vegan) winter soups.

Soups on! That’s right, winter is the perfect time to warm up with a bowl of hearty, fragrant soup. Studies show that eating soup is a healthy habit, as it can help fill you up and reduce calories you consume during that meal. Plus, soups are the perfect carrier for a plethora of healthy ingredients: whole grains, pulses, veggies, and spices. No wonder including soups can boost your diet with wholesome nutrients, like protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. And, really, what is easier than throwing together a delicious soup on a chilly day? I put together this collection of my 5 all time favorite plant-based winter soups for you today. So, get your soup pot (or crockpot) on!

5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

Three Sisters Chili 

This delicious, healthy chili is inspired by the story of the “Three Sisters”, a Native American agricultural tradition of planting beans, squash, and maize (corn) together. Rich in history and flavor, this hearty soup will warm up the chilliest night. Serve it with whole grain bread and a salad to balance the meal.

5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

Curried Yellow Lentil Stew

This is one of my all-time favorite plant-based stews. Rich with the spices and flavors of Indian dal (a lentil curry), it is hearty, simple, and absolutely delicious. This Curried Yellow Lentil Stew can be whipped up in about 45 minutes with only 10 ingredients (not including pantry staples). The stew is 100% plant-based (vegan), oil- and salt-free, and gluten-free too.

5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

Vegetable Stone Soup

This vegetable soup, filled with produce, lentils, barley, and herbs, is inspired by the classic Stone Soup recipe. Topped with home-made whole grain croutons and fresh herbs, it can be the centerpiece of your meal. Cook it up in a slow-cooker to make it even easier.

5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

Tortilla Soup 

A traditional Mexican dish, tortilla soup is a spicy blend of tomatoes, vegetables, and crisp tortilla strips. This easy plant-powered version from Plant-Powered for Life—you can whip it up in no time—throws protein-rich black beans into the mix. Best of all, this dish relies on preserved goods, such as canned tomatoes, frozen corn, and canned beans, so you can make it year-round from your pantry. And it’s a great complement for a simple sandwich, burrito, or vegetable salad for lunch or dinner.

5 Plant-Based Winter Soups

Vegetable Tofu Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

When it comes to the Vietnamese traditional noodle soup called pho, it’s all about the broth, and this broth is amazing—rich in exotic spices, mushrooms, ginger, and herbs. Ladle that hot broth over noodles, and then add your toppings. The fun part of pho is that it’s interactive. Just prepare all of the toppings—greens, herbs, lime, peppers—on a platter on the table, and then let everyone build their own bowl of soup the way they like it.

For other plant-based soup recipes, try the following:

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Title: 5 Plant-Based Winter Soups
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