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19 Choline Rich Foods For Boosting Brain Health And Metabolism

We hardly hear about the essential brain-boosting nutrient, choline, quite as much as other vitamins. Choline is a catalyst for many bodily functions...


We hardly hear about the essential brain-boosting nutrient, choline, quite as much as other vitamins. Choline is a catalyst for many bodily functions.

In today's video, let's discuss a few choline-rich foods that you should be adding to your regular diet. Should you be eating soybean? What about eggs and mushrooms? We're talking about all that and more...

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Intro - 0:00
1. Organ meat - 00:23
2. Whole eggs - 01:00
3. Soybeans - 01:28
4. Tuna - 02:03
5. Cottage cheese - 02:39
6. Shiitake mushrooms - 03:00
7. Almonds - 03:34
8. Wheat germ - 03:56
9. Caviar - 04:23
10. Beef - 04:53
11. Cauliflower - 05:40
12. Quinoa - 06:11
13. Yoghurt - 06:41
14. Lima beans - 07:05
15. Chicken - 07:35
16. Milk - 07:55
17. Kidney Beans - 08:21
18. Cod - 08:41
19. Tempeh - 09:09


1. Organ meat
A few meat lovers consider liver, kidney, sweetbreads, hear, spleen and other organ meats much tastier than regular muscle meat.

2. Whole eggs
Crack open 2 whole eggs a day and complete 54% of your recommended daily intake of choline.

3. Soybeans
If you have constant brain fog, muscle twitching, and difficulty concentrating then you might want to check your choline levels.

4. Tune
The nutrient requirements of the body increases during pregnancy and lactation.

5. Cottage cheese
Many recipes taste great by substituting mayo with cottage cheese. It gives the same creamy texture without extra fats and calories.

6. Shiitake mushrooms
There is no denying that these mushrooms pack some powerful nutrients.

7. Almonds
If you're not a fan of snacking on dry fruits then you can blend some almonds in your breakfast smoothie.

8. Wheat germ
Low choline levels can be related to drowsiness. If you are following a completely vegan diet then you might need to tweak it accordingly.

9. Caviar
Now, this is reason enough to indulge in luxury foods. This salty delicacy tastes best when served cold.

10. Beef
Red meat has been considered extremely bad for heart health in the past.

11. Cauliflower
Roasted cauliflower can be a perfect side dish for the majority of proteins like beef, fish, and chicken.

12. Quinoa
This is not just any other grain, this superfood is the best vegan source of maximum nutrients.

13. Yoghurt
A cup of plain yogurt can make fantastic spreads, smoothies, and frozen desserts.

14. Lima beans
We always buy cans of pre-cooked lima beans. Did you know you can also buy them dried? You will need to soak them overnight and use them the next day. This reduces their cooking time and keeps a bunch of nutrients intact.

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