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7 Types Of Walk That Can Boost Your Overall Health

Most of us take walking for granted. Day after day, we travel on foot to our various destinations. We walk everywhere, but we often don't realize..


Most of us take walking for granted. Day after day, we travel on foot to our various destinations. We walk everywhere, but we often don't realize just how valuable it is to our health. Little do we realize there are different postures and techniques that do different things for your body.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about common types of walking, and the health benefits they provide. What is power walking? What can it do for your health? What about the brisk walk? We’ll talk about all these AND more…

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Intro - 0:00
The leisurely stroll - 0:30
The strength walk - 01:12
The amble - 02:35
The steady walk - 03:38
The race walking - 04:23
The quick walk - 05:24
Chi (chee) walking - 06:26


The leisurely stroll
A relaxed stroll is a popular walking style in most towns and cities. This sort of walk is used for exercise, or to quickly get from one place to another.

The strength walk
Power walking is an excuse style that stresses on speed and arm movements to improve your health. Regular power walking, when done correctly, is beneficial to your heart, joints, and emotional well-being.

The amble
The amble is a gentle and easy-going walking style. This walk is typically linked with nature walks or casual holiday strolls. It can be used for exercise, although the tempo isn't fast enough to benefit your heart.

The steady walk
A steady stroll is a type of walking style that requires you to maintain a consistent speed. This is the most common form of walking on hiking routes.

The race walking
If you want to gain muscle, burn calories and compete athletically, race walking might be the style for you. A race walk has specific criteria. While the main objectives is to go from one location to another, there are limits as to how this is accomplished.

The quick walk
A brisk stroll requires you to make at a reasonably quick speed. Because of how fast you'll be going, this style of walk needs the body's muscle to work harder. As a result, it delivers a modest aerobic exercise while also allowing you to travel a long distance in a short amount of time.

Chi (chee) Walking
Chi Walking is an unusual approach to a traditional exercise practice that you may use to enhance your health. Chi Walking combines ancient Eastern techniques with the simple exercise of walking.

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