Thursday, 2 Dec, 2021

Coffee Benefits For Women - Is It Actually Healthy?

Are you curious about the real benefits of coffee? Learn about some AMAZING coffee benefits for women!πŸ“© Get your FREE MEAL PLAN + WORKOUT sent..


Are you curious about the real benefits of coffee? Learn about some AMAZING coffee benefits for women!
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More than a billion people worldwide are drinking coffee every day. Coffee is the world’s 2nd most popular non-water drink, only behind tea. But how much do you actually know about the health effects of coffee and what it does to your body? In this video, we’ll share everything to know about coffee including coffee drinking tips, what to put in your coffee, and specific coffee benefits for women.

Coffee can be very good for your metabolism and overall health. However, adding things to your coffee such as unnecessary sugars or artificial sweeteners can take away from the many health benefits of coffee. The effects of coffee include increased energy, fat burning, and reducing exercise fatigue.

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Quick Timestamps:
(0:00​) Intro
(0:42) How Coffee Affects Us
(4:28) When to Drink Coffee
(5:41) Types of Coffee
(8:09) What to Put in Your Coffee
(10:00) What is Your Coffee Coming in?

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