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Eating Mussels Everyday Gives You These 9 Unique Health Benefits

Do you love slurping those delicious mussels? Whether you are scooping them out Classic French style or devouring them in your Thai broth, this..


Do you love slurping those delicious mussels? Whether you are scooping them out Classic French style or devouring them in your Thai broth, this crustacean definitely adds some serious flavor to your food.

Mussels are claimed to be the best seafood nutrition-wise. Adding this powerful shellfish to your diet can keep you in great health. In today's video let's discuss what happens to your body when you eat mussels. Does it improve your memory? What about great skin? Wait a minute, can it make asthma go away? We are discussing all that and more...

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Intro - 0:00
Improves thyroid function - 00:30
Manages weight - 01:09
Improve skin health - 01:55
Prevents asthma - 02:52
Improve heart health - 03:34
Prevents anemia - 04:22
Improves fertility - 04:57
Strengthens bones and joints - 05:38
Boosts brain health - 06:40


1. Improves thyroid function
This underrated mollusk is a storehouse of many macronutrients. Out of those, Selenium and Iodine play a key role in improving thyroid function. Thyroid hormone cannot be synthesized without Iodine and Selenium.

2. Manages weight
Getting your weight under control gets quite difficult if you are a meat lover. Most dietitians also recommend you to stay away from red meat if you are on a weight loss journey.

3. Improve skin health
You may get fresh or frozen blue or green lipped varieties of mussels near you. If you always pick up shrimp, crab, or lobster, then it's about time you experience a new flavor from the same family of fish.

4. Prevents asthma
Asthma is a serious respiratory disorder related to poor lung health. The airways and the lungs are always inflamed. That is why asthmatic patients often have difficulty breathing.

5. Improve heart health
Get ready to hear some scary statistics. Experts say that one American gets a heart attack approximately every 40 seconds.

6. Prevents anemia
Anemia is a blood disorder that affects many females and children. It affects almost 25% of the population globally.

7. ‚Äč‚ÄčImproves fertility
If you've been trying to bring new life to this world there's a good chance that eating mussels regularly can bring some good news.

8. Strengthens bones and joints
Mussels are distant cousins of clams. They can live in both salt and freshwater. Their general preferred food is green algae.

9. Boosts brain health
Let's face it - aging is inevitable. It not only changes our body from the outside but also affects our internal organs.

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