Wednesday, 17 Aug, 2022

FMP Podcast Ep.8 - Dr. A Talks - Sitting Is the New Smoking: A Conversation With Dr. Stefan Zavalin

Learn about the effects of sitting for a long time and why sitting is killing you!? Listen to the full episode here: https://link.chtbl..


Learn about the effects of sitting for a long time and why sitting is killing you!

? Listen to the full episode here:

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Episode 8 of the Fit Mother Project Podcast is all about why sitting is the new smoking and how sitting for long periods of time negatively impacts your health.

In this episode, you’ll meet Dr. Stefan Zavalin, a doctor of physical therapy and the owner of Love to Move, a company that helps companies redesign their workplaces in order to encourage physical and emotional wellness.

Sedentary behavior and sitting for long periods of time increase the risk of some types of cancer by up to 68 percent and the risk of diabetes by up to 112 percent.

Too much sitting can negatively affect your cardiovascular health, spinal health, blood sugar, and even lead to muscle loss.

In this episode, Dr. Zavalin explains why this happens and, more importantly, how we can fix it.

In this episode you’ll learn:
- The dangers extended periods of sitting.
- What we can do in our daily lives to readjust our desks and anywhere else we sit.
- How to stand more.
- How much you should be sitting vs standing each day.
- Some great stretches you can do to combat the negative aspects of sitting.
- And so much more!

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Quick Timestamps:
(0:00) Intro
(4:10) Dr. Stefan Zavalin
(7:12) Why sitting is dangerous
(11:40) How sitting affects the spine
(15:13) Why sitting is killing you
(20:05) How to sit less during the day
(24:00) Sitting ergonomics
(30:56) Taking sit breaks
(33:25) How to improve spinal health
(35:58) Dr. Stefan Zavalin’s Daily Routine
(40:08) Long flights and road trips
(41:55) Decompressing the spine
(44:00) Other tips and advice
(50:40) Closing thoughts

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