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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Drinking Green Coffee

Do you want more out of your day? A cup of coffee wakes you up instantly and gets you going. But what about the after-effects? These are something..


Do you want more out of your day? A cup of coffee wakes you up instantly and gets you going. But what about the after-effects? These are something your body absolutely hates.

Some of the best superfoods are green. Green leafy vegetables, green tea, and green coffee. Wait, you don’t know about green coffee?

In today's video let's discuss this superb healthy drink. Does it help reduce weight? What about glowing skin and cancer protection? We’re discussing all this and more...

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Intro - 0:00
Helps with weight loss - 00:29
Rich in antioxidants - 01:42
Prevents cancer - 02:11
Keeps you extra alert - 03:08
Detoxes your skin - 04:01
Promotes hair health - 05:02
Does not allow your blood sugar to spike - 05:40
Keeps your heart healthy - 06:38
Improves brain function - 07:06


1. Helps with weight loss
Coffee is loved by millions across the globe. The taste and aroma are magical to an extent that they become addictive.

2. Rich in antioxidants
One ingredient that makes green coffee better than the regular kind is chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant is extremely sensitive to heat and starts depleting once the toasting of coffee beans initiates.

3. Prevents cancer
Did you know that at least 30-40% of common cancers can be prevented? Millions of people die of cancer every year.

4. Keeps you extra alert
How many times have you ordered an extra-strong cup ahead of a busy day? Sometimes caffeine can be your savior on an overly exhausting day. But green coffee beans naturally contain more caffeine than roasted coffee.

5. Detoxes your skin
Green coffee is also a novel way to get that flawless skin glow. Apart from that, it is the biggest source of antioxidants in the American diet. Because we all know that most of us shy away from eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Fast food is often seen lacking nutrients, especially antioxidants.

6. Promotes hair health
Dull, brittle and dry hair is prone for breakage. You can make it softer and shinier by consuming green coffee regularly. You can even make a green coffee concoction, store it in a spray bottle and use it as their antifreeze serum.

7. Does not allow your blood sugar to spike
Diabetes can put you in a tough spot. Choosing your diet wisely remains top priority if you are diabetic.

8. Keeps your heart healthy
Many studies show blood pressure reduction when it comes to green coffee.You can compliment green coffee with some mild to moderate exercises like brisk walking and jogging to get the best results.

9. Improves brain function
Do you want to be really attentive in that morning class or rock your next meeting? It can be pretty difficult if you had a terrible sleep last night. But a cup of green coffee can restore your alertness, increase your attention span, and put you in a great mood.

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