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What Happens To Your Body When You Have Too Much Sodium?

What Happens To Your Body When You Have Too Much Sodium?

Can it dehydrate your body? Are there increased risks like renal stones and stomach cancer? What about cognitive functioning? We'll be discussing all of this and more.

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Intro - 0:00
1. Dehydration - 00:23
2. Bloating Along With Sweating - 01:23
3. Kidney Stones - 02:40
4. High Blood Pressure - 04:04
5. Risk Of Stomach Cancer Increases - 05:11
6. Cognitive Dysfunction - 06:12
7. Salty Food Addiction - 07:19


1. Dehydration
If you are careless about your water intake, sodium has all the more potential to dehydrate you. Either you increase your water consumption, or cut back on salt.

2. Bloating Along With Swelling
Do you hate the puffy face you get the next day after binge eating high sodium junk food? Many of us try avoiding junk before parties, so we don’t end up with the bloated face.

3. Kidney Stones
The most common advice anyone with kidney stones gets is to keep drinking plenty of fluids. Have you ever thought about why? It turns out fluid intake not only helps them flush stones out, but it also prevents the formation of renal stones in the first place.

4. High Blood Pressure
The answer lies with your kidneys. Indiscriminate salt intake makes it difficult for them to keep up with excess sodium. And when sodium concentration increases, your body starts holding on to the water in an attempt to dilute extra sodium.

5. Risk Of Stomach Cancer Increases
Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world. It’s important to eliminate its risks as much as we can through diet.

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